Cities in Romania to visit

Romania is famous for its rural traditions and beautiful nature, but there are also a lot of cities worth mentioning. Because, yes, Romania is rich of great cities. There are exactly 103 municipii, places with more than 15.000 people living in it. We wouldn’t recommend to visit them all, but there are some must see cities in Romania you should visit. No traveler should miss the following six cities in Romania.


Sibiu is a treat for the eye. Despite the massive emigration of the Transylvanian Saxons to Germany and Austria, the city still got German vibes. Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture for the year 2007 and Forbes described the city as Europe’s 8th-most idyllic place to live. And indeed, Sibiu is probably the most idyllic city of Romania. The Piața Mică and Piața Mare, the Small and the Grand Square, are the heart of the centre.


Cluj, officially Cluj-Napoca, is the capital of Transylvania. It’s the second biggest city of the country and that’s something you can feel. Cluj is never a dull place, thanks to the many students. Also, because the city is the heart of Transylvania, the city developed as an interesting mix of Romanian, Hungarian and German culture. You can start a meal with goulash, followed by sarmale. Cluj also got a vibrant art scene. So you really need to check out all the museums and art gallery’s of the city.


You can find Brașov in the middle of the Carpathian mountains. Just like Sibiu the city is founded by German colonists. The German name Kronstadt means Crown City and Brașov is indeed a fairy tale like city. Take the cable-car to the top of the Tâmpa and let the old city impress you. Or take a walk trough the center. If you don’t like to walk (and if it’s winter), but you do love to ski, you can visit Poiana Brașov. There you can find the most popular and modern ski resort of Romania.


The largest city in eastern Romania got overlooked by many and that’s a real shame. Iași is an old city and a symbol of Romania and Moldova. The city is full of students and they know how to throw a party. There’s also a lot of ‘old’ culture to check out. Visit the Opera House or listen to the Moldova State Philharmonic. Go flower watching in the oldest botanical garden of Romania or pray in one of the many historical churches of Iași. You won’t get bored in this city, that’s a promise.


Timișoara is a baroque city full of museums, theaters, churches and restaurants. The main square is a great place to drink a coffee or a milkshake. Timișoara will be the European Capital of Culture in 2021. The old city is a grand place, full of buildings built during the Austrian Empire time. There you can find a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants. If your timing is good, you can also visit one of the many festivals. The Romanian Revolution started here in Timișoara, so it’s a must to visit the small 1989 Revolution Museum (strada Oituz) so you can learn more about this historical uprising.


The capital of Romania is more and more becoming a true capital of a modern country. But this transition is still going strong, and that’s what makes Bucharest a great place to visit. The rich and the poor, wild parties, lovely people ánd angry people, architecture from forgotten centuries next to cold buildings made by the communist. You can find everything in the most interesting capital of Europe. And you can do anything in Bucharest.

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