What is Mărțișor?

Mărțișor is an old tradition in Romania (and Moldova) to celebrate the beginning of spring. The literal translation of Mărțișor is little March. The Romanians give a talisman hanging on a red and white string to each other. The colors of the lace are important. The red represents the summer, and the warmth and love, while the white represents the cold winter and honesty. The wearer of the Mărțișor will be strong and healthy all year long. She (or he) will need to pin it on her (or his) clothes and wear it until the last day of March. Then it’s time to hang the Mărțișor in a fruit tree.

Mărțișor = love

It’s a very old tradition and some believe it’s a Roman or Dacian custom. However, nowadays the Mărțișor is also a symbol of love or friendship. Despite modern times, 1 March is still an important day for many Romanians. You will see a lot of martisoare (plural) in the stores in the weeks of February. If you want to impress a Romanian, you should definitly buy one and give it to him or her.

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