Parks in Bucharest

Bucharest is not a grey city, at all. There are a lot of parks in Bucharest. Romanians, especially the Bucharesters, love to go out for a chess game or a kiss in the grass. So join them! Stroll through the great parks of Bucharest.

Herăstrău Park

Several lakes stretch across northern Bucharest, like lake Herăstrău. There you can find the park named after the lake. It’s one of the biggest parks of the city and probably the most popular too. Herăstrău Park opened in 1936 and is a popular place to relax ever since. Jump in a boat for some water action of eat something in one of the many restaurants at the waterside. Or grab a blanket and read a book. With the Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) nearby the possibilities are endless.

The Cișmigiu Gardens

The Cișmigiu Gardens are a smaller, but more romantic park in the center of the city. It’s not only a green place, but also an historical one. You can find twelve important writers in the Rondul Român. Of course, Mihai Eminescu is one of them. The Carol Park is also a good option for escaping the busy streets of Bucharest.

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