Peleș Castle: maybe the most beautiful castle of Europe

Peleș Castle is an icon of Transylvania. It’s also the number one attraction in Romania according to TripAdvisor. The Neo-Renaissance building is highly respected by architecture lovers. El País named this castle, together with Bran Castle, as one of the twenty most beautiful castles of Europe. And it’s true. Peleș Castle is a fantastic place.

The castle was built between 1873 and 1883 by King Carol I of Romania. It was the summer residence of the royals. However, this castle is beautiful in summer ánd winter time. Plus, in the winter you can go skiing in Sinaia or the surrounding villages. The smaller, but also beautiful castle of Pelișor hosts the heart of Queen Marie of Romania. Yes, it does.

The scenery around Peleș is incredible. And serene, just like the castle itself. That changed when the communists came. They seized the castle. Nowadays everything is back to normal, thank God. Peleș Castle is open for public. There’s a guided tour, so you can see the interior of this beautiful castle.

How to get to Peleș Castle?

The road from Bucharest or Brașov towards Sinaia is often crowded during the weekends. So be there early. Or find a nice hotel in Sinaia. You can find the Peleș Castle after a drive of 60 minutes from Brașov. From Bucharest it takes you two hours. This is the location.

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