Viscri: a village aproved by UNESCO and Prince Charles

Viscri is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of Europe. This small village lies deep in the heart of Transylvania. The village is best known for the fortified church, built by the German Saxon colonists. Together with the village itself, the church is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list of villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, Romania. And oh, did you know Prince Charles owns a house in Viscri?


After a stay of almost a thousand years, the Saxons left the village after communism collapsed. But not all. And some of them even returned now things are getting better faster and faster. They are trying to preserve this wonderful village and they’ve succeeded with the help of UNESCO. Tourists are flabergasted by the beauty of the church and the village itself. You can make a horse cart trip, taste local foods or go hiking in the forests.

Prince Charles in Romania

Prince Charles loves Romania. He really does. He loves the nature, the friendly people, the pure lifestyle, but above all, he loves Viscri. Prince Charles of Wales bought an old Saxons house in the village and restored it. Now you can sleep in the house of the Prince himself. Not bad, huh?

How to reach Viscri?

Viscri lays in the heart of the region, so it is easily accessible from several cities, like Brasov, Sighisoara or Sibiu.

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