Mogoșoaia Palace, an oasis nearby Bucharest

Mogoșoaia Palace is a fantastic attraction nearby Bucharest. The capital is, like all capitals, a busy place. The palace and the surrounding park in Mogoșoaia are the complete opposite. Only ten kilometres outside Bucharest, you can find this quiet oasis. The Mogoșoaia Palace was built by the one and only Constantin Brâncoveanu, he is the name giver of the Romanian Renaissance architecture, better known as Brâncovenesc style. You can easily see why his name is connected to this style. Forget the Palace of the Parliament in downtown Bucharest: the Mogoșoaia Palace is the most beautiful one of Romania.

Mogoșoaia Palace is a miracle

The survival of the palace is a miracle. It has not only survived the communist leadership of Nicolae Ceaușescu, but also a lot of wars since the completion in 1702. The Ottomans almost destroyed it during the Russo-Turkish War and the German air forces bombed Mogoșoaia in the First World War. It’s thanks to Princess Martha, wife of Prince George Bibesco, that we can visit the palace today. She spent almost all her money on the reconstruction of the palace.

Nowadays you can visit the beautiful gardens and the small museum dedicated to Brâncovenesc art inside of the palace. A perfect trip when you’re in Bucharest and are searching for a green escape.

How to get to the Mogoșoaia Palace?

The palace isn’t hard to find when you leave Bucharest in the north through Bucharest Noi or Chitila. Follow the signs to Mogoșoaia, it’s really a short drive from the city center. Easy peasy, especially if you go by taxi. There is also a bus to the village, but you should ask your hotel for the instructions.

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